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I’m Anne Boles Levy, and I’ve only spent the last 50 years dreaming of becoming a novelist. I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb that way, with visions of my name on the creased, careworn spine of a beloved book.

At last, at long last, I have a novel about to  make it to print. Actually, I have two novels, as the publisher hit on the brilliant idea of splitting the manuscript in two. While details are on my “Books” page on this site, I do hope you’ll also visit my blog and stay for a while.

Other random factoids about me:
  • Favorite ice tea flavor: Cinnamon Orange from Seattle’s Market Spice.
  • Favorite lipstick shade: Mac’s “Diva”
  • Favorite Doctor Who episode: the one with the Adipose fat babies. I want to go on that diet.
  • Where/When I’d go if I had a Tardis: the fall of Troy. Most Epic. Story. Ever.
  • Favorite superpower I wish I had: the ability to predict lottery numbers.
  • Favorite spell I’d cast if I could: the “buy multiple copies of my book” charm.


Writing Links

I began writing for newspapers in 1992. I wrote a lot. My book reviews have appeared in the Los Angeles Times. I have two defunct blogs still around, here and here.


The Cybils Awards


If you’ve never heard of the Cybils Awards, consider this a lucky day. Now you get to discover our archives for the most splendiferous, fantabulous, hyperbolistically awesome YA books published each year. Think Graphic Novels, Fantasy & Science Fiction, totally true-to-life Nonfiction, or even regular ol’ fiction YA, if you’re into that sort of thing. Check out our list of finalists.

You’re welcome.

basis schoolteach 6th and 8th grade English Language Arts, which means I get to feed all those rapacious minds with great books, and cajole good writing from them. If I weren’t me, I’d be jealous. In fact, younger me is envious of present me for not discovering this awesome job earlier. I get to work at BASIS Phoenix with the smartest colleagues and brightest kids on the planet.

basis cakeJump over to the website and see for yourself.

And how, you might wonder, would my 8th graders describe me? Assuming they could look up from their work long enough, they’d probably tell you I was the teacher who was stingy with A’s but generous with her time. Hey, writing is tough. Teaching it is tougher.