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Works in Progress

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I have several hundred new subscribers over the last few days. I’ve no idea why. Until I figure out something intelligent to say about the English language, teen fiction, teaching, or Life in General, here are pictures of my jewelry workshop.

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2016-17 Cybils Awards announced!

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These awards are near and dear to my heart, as I co-founded the awards in 2004 and have been at least nominally involved ever since. The volunteer judges sift through more than a thousand entries a year to find the books for children and teens that meet our dual criteria:…

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Another fun guest post, this time for “Dear Teen Me”

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Dear Anne, age 14: Stop looking in the mirror. Just stop. News flash: You’re still flat-chested. There’s nothing there. Zip, zilch, nada. You’re 4’11”. You barely weigh 90 pounds. Strangers think you’re 10. Mom sneaks you into movies at the under-12 price. You eat off the kiddie menu in restaurants….

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Win fabulous prizes!

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Folks! Starting Oct. 1, this blog will be participating in an extremely cool event known as the YA Scavenger Hunt. And, yes, there are prizes — copies of brand, spanking new YA novels from some of the participants. You’re going to need to spend some time digging through participating blogs–organized…

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